Easy Guide to Do Linksys Access Point Setup: RE6300

Easy Guide to Do Linksys Access Point Setup: RE6300

Do you know that the latest Linksys range extender models can also be installed in Access Point mode? Yes! Setting up a Linksys range extender in the Access Point mode or the AP mode has its own advantages which we are going to discuss further in this guide. Along with the benefits, this guide will also cover the basic requirements as well as the entire in-detail procedure of the Linksys extender setup in AP mode. So, without further ado, let us begin to learn about Linksys access point setup. Please note that the process is more or less the same for every model, however, we have taken the Linksys RE6300 extender as a reference. You can also use the same method even if you have a Linksys RE6400 setup done.

Linksys Access Point Setup: Benefits

The benefits of using a Linksys RE6300 setup in the access point mode are:

  • Fewer chances of connection drop
  • Minimal loss of network performance
  • Better WiFi speeds
  • Multiple users can access the network

How to Do RE6300 Linksys Access Point Setup?

While setting up your Linksys RE6300 range extender in AP mode, you can expand the existing router’s network using a cable. This is why there is less signal loss and more speed. The exact procedure for the Linksys access point setup for RE6300 is given ahead. But before that know the basic requirements for the process.

Linksys Access Point Setup: Basic Requirements

  • An active and stable WiFi connection
  • Well-working and non-damaged power sockets, ensuring a non-fluctuating power supply
  • A host router that is already configured
  • An Ethernet cable that is in a good condition and long enough to connect the extender to the host router
  • A Linksys WiFi range extender
  • Linksys admin login credentials
  • Smart device like a computer or a laptop

As soon as you are ready with the prerequisites mentioned above, you can begin with the Linksys access point setup process. If you have a newly purchased Linksys router, then first set it up using http//myrouter.local page.

Linksys Access Point Setup: Instructions

Here is the step-by-step process using which you can complete the Linksys access point setup process for your RE6300 extender:

Step1: Power On RE6300

Let us commence the AP mode setup of Linksys RE6300 by powering it up. So, plug in the power adapter of RE6300 in the power socket. Now, turn the power button on. You need to wait till the LEDs on the extender begin blinking.

Step 2: Turn Router Power Supply On

In the second step, you need to turn the power supply of the host router on. You need to plug it into the active wall socket and turn the power button on.

Step 3: Connect RE6400 to Router

It is now time to connect your Linksys RE6300 range extender to the router. So, get hold of the Ethernet cable and insert one of its ends into the Ethernet port of the extender and the other end into the router’s Ethernet port. Ensure placing secure and stable connection between the devices.

Step 4: Boot Up Your Computer

The next step in line to complete Linksys access point setup is to power on the computer. Now turn the power button on the computer or the laptop on to boot it up. Having the latest OS on the PC is recommended to get through the process with ease.

Step 5: Launch the Internet Browser

As soon as the computer boots up properly, launch any internet browser that you prefer. The cherry on top would be using an updated web browser to carry on successfully with the Linksys access point setup process.

Step 6: Visit the Linksys Login Web Page

 Now, point the cursor to the browser’s URL bar. In this, you need to type the Linksys login web address i.e. www.extender.linksys.com, and hit the enter key. This will navigate you to the Linksys login page.

Step 7: Access Linksys Admin Dashboard

On the login window, you got to enter the login details. So, type the username and password in the required fields and click on the Login button. You will straight away be redirected to the Linksys admin dashboard.

Step 8: Follow the Final Instructions

On the admin dashboard, you need to get to the settings. After that Click Next under the “As a wired range extender (Access point)” option. Now you need to create the WiFi name and password. Once you are done, click on Next. Also, create an admin password for RE6300 extender and finally click on Save. This completes setting up your Linksys RE6300 in access point mode.

Pro Tip: To identify the mode that your extender is running on, you need to check the top header on the web-based interface i.e. the admin dashboard. It should read “Dual Band Wireless Access Point”

This was all about how to do Linksys access point setup. The entire guide talks about setting up a Linksys extender in Access Point mode. While getting through the process, if you are stuck somewhere, getting help from the technical team is recommended.

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